Craft Fair Must Haves

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This post contains affiliate links to items that I love and personally use.

It is that time of year where the weather is cooling off, the leaves are starting to change colors, and people are in full on shopping mode (unless of course you are in Texas.. and then it is still crazy hot!). Usually this time of year though we see craft show opportunities popping up left and right before the holidays. Craft fairs are a wonderful thing to be a part of when you have the right tools to be successful. Here are my top 5 must haves for a great craft show:

A Product People Love

First you need to offer something that people feel like they NEED! They just can not walk by your booth and leave without it! Their entire holiday will be ruined if they do not have what you are offering. This also means that your product must have your own unique touch. Be creative, make your products your own and drive your own train, so to speak

An Eye-Catching Display

Once you have your amazing product line, the next thing you need to make sure you do is a have a gorgeous way to display it. Craft fairs can be so profitable because people actually get to see and touch your items. Make sure you set up your display so that they are WOWed. Here are a couple suggestions:

Use sturdy tables and cover them with a table cloth that matches your branding (are you going for rustic farm house?… burlap and lace might be a great material to use) Pick a ‘theme’ and carry it throughout your entire display.

Add height to your display. Make it more than just items laying spread out on a table. This means things like riserscrates, and possibly a grid depending on what you sell.

Check out more of my favorite supplies from Amazon here.

This bundle of SVG’s are designed just for craft fairs and would give you a great start on creating an eye catching display.

Newsletter Sign Up

Next for a successful craft show, you don’t want these shoppers to be one and done with you. Ideally you have just created a fabulous experience and this person will want to come back to purchase again. Chances are though when they walk out of your booth they will have a hard time remembering where they got that beautiful sign and you want to make sure you are in their inbox to remind them. (Not obnoxiously like spam though! No-one likes that!) You also want to be able to let them know when you have new releases, sales, and even special promotions for your VIP customers. (hint they should all be VIP!) There are a few great services where they can text a number in and they will automatically be added to your list or even scanning a QR code would work. I would highly suggest something that has them immediately subscribed , rather than having a written sign up form!  Personally I use mailchimp and LOVE it!

Something that draws people into your booth

Next, you want to have something that people walk by and think how cool is that!! But don’t show off all the goods from the get go… make them come in to see the entire thing. Give them a tease so they are left wanting more. This could be something as simple as a sign that says all purchases receive a free gift, or maybe a sample that they try and must buy. You decide what fits your brand and remember to use it as your hook. Also make sure to have some lower priced items by your check out so that you can easily upsell as add-ons. $1 here and $2 there upsells over the course of a weekend can really add up!

A welcoming Smile

Last but certainly not least remember to bring a smile. And no, I don’t mean IT clown stalker smile. The point it to make people feel comfortable. Say hello, make a little small talk and then let them shop and ask you questions. Don’t hover and most important stay off your phone!!!!

With these tips, your show is sure to be a success!!

In addition to the items above here are some material items that are also great to remember to bring:



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