The Funniest Craft Memes

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A Funny Craft Meme is Always A Good Idea!

Memes make me smile and crafting is always more fun when we can laugh through the crazy chaos of ideas, inspiration, and ourselves. 

It is one of my absolute favorite things to share over on my FB page and let’s face it… there isn’t anything much more relatable than a craft meme!

So, I have pulled together all of my favorite crafty memes and put them here for you to browse, enjoy, and have a little chuckle.

Check out these funny and inspirational craft memes.

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craft memes

Endorphins for the win!

craft memes 2

True Story- Crafty Meme

This meme came from a true story.  I literally opened up my craft closet (looking for supplies I needed for another project) and found an unopened bag from Hobby Lobby. 

Excited about the stash I found I unpacked it and then the idea I had a month earlier all came flooding back.  Sound familiar?

It’s like an endless cycle. But on a positive note, I always have craft supplies!

This crafty meme encompasses all of us I think with that process.

craft memes

Crafting is such a stress reliever.  Remember it isn’t always about the end project… in fact it usually never is!  Enjoy the process itself.

craft memes 2

Never mind the mess…I craft here.

craft memes 2

Is there anything that doesn’t rhyme with crafting?

craft memes 2

So many unfinished projects. But crafting is a process am I right?

craft memes 2

Which hobby do you like the most? Mine is definitely buying vinyl.

Craft Memes 2

Exactly! Remember the endorphins!

craft memes 2

You never have to ask me twice if I want to craft. It’s basically my love language.

craft memes 2

I will do just about anything for queso but crafting has to be my favorite!

craft memes 2

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craft memes

A Funny Craft Meme is Always A Good Idea!


  1. Susanna on November 16, 2018 at 4:19 am

    hi there loving your craft mems and the purple gloriousness lol, just wanted to let you know that i think the “will craft for gueso” meme is supposed to say gesso? if not my bad but it would be a cute one 🙂

    • MyDesigns on November 16, 2018 at 7:20 am

      Thanks for the kind words! It is actually will craft for Queso! (cheese in Spanish) 🙂 That font is tricky to read though you are right!

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  3. Perler_mama on August 10, 2019 at 2:27 pm

    I love the on that says behind every crafter I’d a stack of unfinished projets …… That’s so me and happy crafters don’t shoot there husband ???

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