DIY Stuffed Animal Zoo

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Stuffed Animal Zoo

My kids absolutely love stuffed animals.  We have tons of them (and I think they multiply when I’m not looking)  I have been wanting to create a home for them and this do it yourself stuffed animal Zoo is perfect.

Follow along, as I walk through the simple steps to create your own.

*If you are more of a visual person, scroll down to watch our step by step video tutorial.*


4- 1x5x8 ft. boards (cut into 14: 24 inch sections)

4- 2x2x8 ft boards (cut down to however tall you want your zoo)

*you will have a little extra wood to save for another project*

Early American Stain


Brad nailer

Chalk Paint

Oramask Stencil

Transfer Tape

Cutting Machine

Staple Gun



The first thing you want do when making a zoo (or anything using wood) is to sand all the boards.  The more you sand the easier the stencil will stick when painting your words.  After sanding everything, stain all the boards and let them dry 24 hours..  My favorite color to use is this Early American.


While your pieces are drying from being stained it is a great time to cut your design.  I just typed out the phrase PLEASE DO NOT EAT THE ANIMALS in my cutting machine program and our family name.  I let the kids vote on what they wanted the Zoo to say and Brooklandia Zoo won.  This is where you can really personalize it and make it fun!  Be creative.


Next, go ahead and weed, add the transfer tape, and apply the stencil to the boards (like you would for any sign).  You will them paint them (I prefer chalk paint) and then peel up the stencil.


Once your boards are dry it is time to assemble.  Using your brad nailer attach each board into the shape of a square.  When complete you will have 3 squares and 2 extra boards.  These two extra boards will go into your foundation square to help stabilize it.  Make sure to nail those into the bottom square shape.

Next you will attach the 2×2 poles to the corners of the squares.  Once the bottom square is attached to the 4 posters, slide the next two layers on and attach those as well.  (Double check that your writing is all lined up on the correct sides before securing)

Finally it is time to add the zoo ‘bars’.  I used paracord and a staple gun to attach the cord to the top and the bottom of each side.  You can do as many rows of cord as you would like to help resemble actual bars.

It’s That Easy!

That’s It!!  You have an adorable zoo and handy place to gather all those stuffed animals!  Have you made one?  We would love to see it or hear from you below!


Till next time, Happy Crafting and Chaos!

Check out our quick video tutorial here:

Disclaimer:   I was not compensated for this post but will earn a small % of each sale as an affiliate and all opinions are 100% my own.


  1. Amanda on September 5, 2020 at 2:27 pm

    Thank you for this!!! My kids have a HUGE stuffed animal collection that is spilling into my living room. I need a solution NOW. This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!

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