Easy Kid Prank

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This is an easy kid prank that you can make with you scrap vinyl and will have the entire family laughing hysterically (or maybe screaming too).


Black 631

Transfer Tape

Cutting Machine



First, cut the bug shapes out in 631 vinyl with your machine in various sizes.  This is a great project to use as a scrap buster.  (you can even use 651 but then the bugs will be there much more permanently)

Then weed your design.  Curious as to what that term means?  Head over to this post where we discuss cutting machine terminology and then it will make much more sense.

Can You Spot the Spider?

Next using your transfer tape, apply the bugs around your house to various spots.

Here are a few other ideas to get your creative brain flowing:

  • Toilet Seats
  • Light switches
  • Baseboards
  • Edges of the Fridge

This easy kid prank would be fun to do at Halloween or April Fools’ Day, but really would work anytime through the year.  The most fun part is you can get really creative with where you want to put them.

So comment below or head over to our FB page and share with us how you prank your kids and your family with your Silhouette!



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