How to Layer Adhesive Vinyl

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I absolutely love the look of bright fun designs with multiple colors and layers when I’m creating a decal with Adhesive Vinyl.  Sometimes though, it can be tricky to make sure each layer lines up 100% perfectly.    Today I want to share a little technique that will make it super easy to Layer Adhesive Vinyl on any project.



The first step is within the design program.  Add a registration mark to the bottom (or side) of the design.  This is possible to do in either Studio or in Design Space and the registration mark can be a square, circle, or even a triangle.  It really doesn’t matter the shape as long as it’s there.

It is also important to note that it is essential to create the same number of registration marks (one on top of the other) in your program as you have layers.  As each layer is moved over to cut, that set of registration marks will move with it so that everything stays aligned properly.  If the registration marks get moved or misaligned the entire design will be off.  Check out the photos below to see exactly what I mean.


Step 2

Next, each layer of vinyl will be cut separately.  Depending on how big the design is, it might be possible to fit everything on one mat (especially if you are working with the 24 inch size one), if not, just select the pieces that are going to be cut and remember to leave the registration marks matched up exactly with each layer… those are the key in this process.

Step 3

Once everything is cut, weed each layer of the design being careful to leave the registration marks in place.

Step 4

The final step can be the trickiest.  It is the assembly of the layers.  Looking at the design, select the layer that will be the outer most layer on the finished product and place transfer tape on that layer FIRST.  I strongly suggest using a clear transfer tape as well as a burnishing tool for this process.  It will make life SOOOOO much easier and the decal will be bubble-less.

Here is a quick video illustrating the entire process.  We went from start to finish creating a layered mandala design.  We know that sometimes it is easier to watch the process than to explain:

Video Supplies:

Weeding Ring

Mandala Design and More Mandala Designs

Printed Vinyl

Clear Transfer Tape

More of our Favorite Tools

Step 5

Finally, trim off the registration marks.  They have done their job in helping to line up each layer of the design and are no longer needed for the project.  This is another reason why it is great to use clear transfer tape.  When snipping the registration marks be very careful to not clip the design. (not that I would know from experience or anything)

The decal is now ready to be applied to the finished product.  Double check that the item is cleaned as well as 100% dry. Then stick that gorgeous layered vinyl on for decoration.  We want to see the creations below or head over and share on our FB page!  It’s always fun seeing how much talent is out there.

If this tip was helpful head over and check out the trick to making sure your heat transfer vinyl is lined up on the craft blank every single time here.

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