May Chaos Design Challenge

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I am so super excited about the upcoming Month of May.  Registration for Digital Divas will be opening up  AND we are doing a super fun SVG design challenge on social media.

Do you ever feel like you get in a rut?  Or maybe you just feel blah with nothing to give you inspo?  To get our creative juices flowing and growing, each day of May we have a fun little design challenge.  If you participate, you will be entered to win PRIZES by showing off your work on social media.   (follow along over on our FB page for more details on the prizes)
Each time you post your designs make sure to use the hashtag #chaosdesignchallenge and tag us so we can find you! 

Here is the schedule of what to make or design each day.

On even days we give a phrase you can use and odd days a theme. Let your creativity flow and blossom.  

This is going to be SOOOO FUN!! You also don’t have to participate every day but we would love it if you did! And make sure to post in our FB group, to our page, or on IG or Pinterest with those hashtags so we can see the cool stuff (and it gives your business more eyes!) win win for everyone!

A couple ground rules though….. they have to be designs BY YOU! You don’t have to sell the finished files but for this challenge in order to be entered to win the goodies (font bundles, designs, gift cards, a blog feature for your business, and more) the design has to be 100% unique to YOU! We want to see what you can create.

So show us your shirts, bags, decals, cups, SVGs, and anything else you craft or design following the prompts and phrases below and over on Social Media.

Also…. We would love it if you shared this graphic in any crafting groups you’re in or with your crafting bestie. The more who participate the merrier! 

Go be inspired and inspire each other and prepare for an amazing month of May! If you’re in make sure to let us know below.  I can’t wait to hear and see all the amazing things this community is going to produce!

Happy Crafting, Cutting and Chaos!



  1. Sheryll Kidder on July 1, 2021 at 9:24 am

    Where do I join the 5 challenge?

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