Pinterest Tips and Tricks

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Pinterest Tips and Tricks

I absolutely love Pinterest.  It is a playground for creative inspiration.  But how do you use that awesome platform to help drive business, readers, and shoppers to your products?….  Especially if you feel like you are in a market where there is an abundance of people offering the same thing as you.  Today I’m going to share 3 Pinterest Tips and Tricks that have had the largest impact on growing our Pinterest account from 66k monthly views to over 1 million monthly views in just 6 weeks.

Pinterest Growth TIps and Tricks

Number One

Use Tailwind.  Tailwind is a tool that links seamlessly with your Pinterest account to optimize your pins.  You can use it to schedule, find quality content, and keep track of which pins are doing well (so you can pin more like that).

Try out a free 14 day trial of Tailwind here.

Number Two

Be Consistent.  As with anything in life, consistency is key.  Pick a set number of pins that you want to do each day, and DO IT!  I suggest starting out with 20 pins a day.  At first it sounds like WHOA… that’s a ton!  But if you are utilizing Tailwind you can sit down and within about an hour you can have your entire week of pins scheduled to go out at the most optimized times for your audience.


…the more that you pin of your own content the more opportunities there are for people to click through to your site.  (Remember that is the end goal…. traffic and sales!)  Don’t let the possible lack of content that you have to pin stop you.  Start off with 50 % your content and 50% others content and slowly work your way to more and more of your own.  Just be consistent and get pinning!

Number Three

Pin Strategically.  Gone are the days of pinning because something just looks cute.  When you are looking at this through the lens of running a business the pins must be strategic.  Who is your target market and what do they like?  You want your account to be one that is streamlined and focused on that.  Also think about what is your audience coming to you for?  Make your account be the go to spot for that thing.  (home decor, fashion, kids crafts, recipes, etc.)

Make sure that the items being pinned on your account are eye appealing, beautiful, on topic pins and your target market will start to use your account as a go to reference for their need they are looking to fill.

Pinterest Traffic Tips

Bonus Tip

Take advantage of Group Boards on Pinterest.  These are boards where more than one person can pin but all have the same target market.  It can really help to get your content out to more eyes.  Also make sure to join a tribe in Tailwind.  Tribes are a great resource to find quality pins and to have people who are in your same niche re-pin your items.  And finally always make sure that the graphics you are pinning are visually eye appealing.  I love Canva and their templates to help make the graphic design part easy.


Pinterest Tips and Tricks

So there ya have it!  My recipe for growing my Pinterest traffic to over 1 million (which in turn has double website traffic, sales, etc.) in just 6 weeks.

Want to work on your Pinterest but feel more comfortable hiring out?  Check out Kelly with Virtually Curated Services.  She is a Pinterest pro and will work with you to create something that perfectly fits the needs of your business.  Please make sure and let her know I sent you over.


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