Simple Farmhouse Decor

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For the holidays, sometimes, it is nice to add just a hint of Christmas without going too crazy and overboard.  This simple farmhouse decor is the perfect accessory to any home.  They are quick to make and easy on the budget.  While you can put any words or phrases that you want on the books, we have included the Merry Christmas Y’all SVG for free at the bottom of the post.  Let’s dive in on how to create the cute decor and get your home holiday ready.




Check out the video of us making this book decor live here:


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Old Books- however many you want to stack (you can use old ones that you no longer want, go to the thrift store and pick some up, or even to the half price book store)

Oramask Stencil vinyl

Transfer Tape

Black Paint

Foam Brush


Cutting Machine

Artificial Poinsettia Decoration




The first thing you will do is tear off the front, the back, and the side of the books.  You want books that are at least half an inch in thickness.  Also make sure to look at the binding.  It is important that the spine of the book is flat so that you will be able to stencil on it.


 Cameo 3 Bundles by Expressions Vinyl



Using your cutting machine, cut and weed the design on Oramask that you will want on the edge of the book.  Since you will be using the Oramask as a stencil, weed out the letters.  If you want more tips on weeding then head over to this post where we give you tons of pointers. 

On the edge of the book there are tons of things that you can write. 

Here is a list of holiday suggestions: 

  • HO HO HO

We also have the FREE SVG ‘Merry Christmas Y’all’ below for you to download and use.  It is available for personal or commercial use.



Using the transfer tape adhere the stencil to the edge of the books.  Check out the best way to remove transfer tape here.  Then, using the sponge and black paint, gently dab the stencil.  To get the look of a stamp then don’t make the paint solid as you dab it on.  I think it adds a little bit of charm and character to the book.  It also helps to give it more of a vintage feel.




The last thing that you want to do is arrange the books together and wrap with twine.  You can add in the poinsettia (or any other seasonal item) for decor.  Then that’s it! Simple and quick.  Your vintage book decor is ready to be staged and placed around your house.





Please make sure to pin this post before you download.  We really appreciate the support!  Share with a friend who you know would love this adorable easy farmhouse decor.  And we can’t wait to see your own farmhouse inspired holiday decor that you create with your cutting machine.


  1. Kate Greenway on November 26, 2018 at 5:41 pm

    Thank you!!!!!

    • MyDesigns on November 26, 2018 at 7:31 pm

      My pleasure!

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