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Small Business

Have you ever felt like everyone around you has a business and you would love to support them but find that your heart runs deeper than your wallet?

I have brainstormed 4 different ways that you can show your support and spread the small business love WITHOUT having to spend a dime.

How to Support Them

This first thing that you can do is if you see something that they post on Facebook, give it a like, comment on it, or push the lovely share button.  This small simple task will make their day…. I promise!

Next, you can spread the love verbally.  If you know a friend who is looking for what your other friend is good at, be a matchmaker and set them up.  Some of my best working relationships are because a friend thought to share my business.

One of the biggest traffic drivers for small businesses is Pinterest.  If you love what you see in that small business give it a Pin (including the graphics from this post)  🙂  Pinterest is a playground for women who love to make and create and when you pin their items, that brings more eyes to their shop, which in turns results in more buys.

The last simple thing you can do to support a small business is to show-off something that you have previously purchased (or gotten for free) on social media.  Snap a picture and post it in action in their Facebook group, tag them on Instagram or comment on their business page.  (Maybe even leave a review…. double bonus)


The bottom line is you don’t have to spend a fortune to show your support for a small business.  One kind gesture done repeatedly over time can truly change the trajectory of someone’s world and give them the encouragement they need to help their business blossom.


What business will you nurture today?

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