Tissue Paper Flowers

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I absolutely love flowers.  Tissue paper, card stock, real… I love them all!  My daughter showed me this weekend a really cool way to make beautiful, large, tissue paper flowers really easily and quickly, so I just had to share.

These would look adorable in a nursery, craft room, or even classroom.



Tissue (whatever color you get will be the color of your flowers)


Craft Wire

Step 1:

Take your tissue paper and stack it in the order that you want your colors to be in the flower.  (the color on the inside of the flower will be on the top)


Step 2:

After stacking the tissue paper up you want to fold in accordion style forward and backward.

Step 3:

Once the paper is folded you will use craft wire to wrap around the middle.  Make sure you keep the tissue paper flat and don’t squeeze it in on the edges.

Step 4:

Round off the edges of the tissue paper with scissors.   It doesn’t have to be exact just enough so that the ends aren’t sharp corners.

Step 5:

Now it is time to fan out the flower.   You will spread open both sides of the tissue paper.

Step 6:

Next you will fluff up each layer of tissue and staple it together on the edges.  Make sure you staple close in to the base so as to hide the staples as best as possible.


And that’s it!  There you have it a simple easy tissue paper flower that would look cute in any room or backdrop decor!  Check out how to make paper flowers with your cutting machine over in this post here!

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