Welcome to Break the Ice!

Your Progress:


Congrats on completing your first project inside the club!!  If you haven’t done the 24 hour challenge yet go check that one out first HERE.

Doesn’t it feel good to not only have made something with your machine but something just for You?  Well buckle up because we aren’t done yet.  The fun is just beginning.

A huge part of this community is meeting others and connecting with likeminded crafters across the country and globe.

Your next mission is to take your newly made shirt and take a selfie with it!  Yes I said selfie… we want to see and meet YOU!

But wait there is more!  Once you have taken your selfie I want you to post in our members only FB community.   Show it off and tell us a little about yourself!

Here are a few ideas to mention in your intro post:

  • Which cutting machine you own
  • Do you have any kids or pets
  • Which part of the country you are located in
  • Your favorite craft supply item

Share what you are comfortable with and don’t forget that selfie!  Last but not least go find someone else’s intro post and say hi!

Let’s meet and connect with other crafter’s inside our community.  It makes crafting more fun when we can do it together!

Welcome to the club!


Remember, When you Share You Inspire Others

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