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Let’s Work With Paper!

This challenge is all about working with paper and our cutting machines.  Your mission is to take the attached design (pictured above) , download it, cut it out with paper, and assemble it!

Here are a few ideas on items I like to use when working with paper designs:

  • Spatula to help it easily release from the mat
  • Glue dots
  • Foam squares to make the item more 3-D
  • Spray adhesive (but warning… this can get messy fast and it sticks quickly!)
  • Cardstock (instead of construction paper or printer paper) so the layers are thicker and a little more stable
  • A shadowbox frame to display it in

But wait there is more!  While you are working through the creation process I want you to document and/or take note of things that work and things you learn.  It could be a setting to cut the paper on, or maybe your favorite way to adhere the layers, or even some amazing paper that you snagged.

Thirdly and most important I bet you can already guess what I’m gonna say… show off your PROJECT PHOTO HERE in our Facebook club community.  We also want to hear what you learned and what worked for you on the project.  This not only helps you for next time but also builds up our entire community.

I encourage you to do this within the first 30 days of being in the membership or at any time you are needing a little refresh.

If you have worked with paper and you want to take the project to the next level here are a few ideas:
1. Make the design with a new color combo.
2. Use another design from the library and cut it with paper.

Paper Tips:
1. When cutting slow down your machine on intricate parts.
2. Do not mirror your image.
3. Lay out the order of the layers first before you start attaching to make sure you are clear about which one goes where.
4. Flip your mat over and gently remove the paper with a spatula downward toward the desk rather than peeling it upwards.

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