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Let’s Work With Heat Transfer Vinyl (also called iron on)!

This challenge is all about working with heat transfer vinyl.  Your mission is to take the attached design (pictured above) , download it, cut it out on heat transfer vinyl (don’t forget to mirror your design), and apply it to something!

Here are a few ideas on where you might want to apply it:

  • T-Shirt
  • Blanket
  • Hat
  • Shoes
  • Hoodie
  • Kitchen Towel
  • Wood for a Sign (yes HTV works on wood!)

But wait there is more!  While you are working through the creation process I want you to document and/or take note of things that work and things you learn.  It could be a setting to cut the glitter HTV on, or maybe your favorite way to center your design, or even a color combo, etc.

Thirdly and most important you know what’s coming… show off your PROJECT PHOTO HERE in our Facebook club community.  We also want to hear what you learned and what worked for you on the project.  This not only helps you for next time but also our entire community.

If you have worked with heat transfer and you want to take the project to the next level here are a few ideas:

1. Make the design in multiple colors.
2. Add an offset to the image and cut that in a different color and then layer your project.
3. Create a reverse canvas and work through the entire project start to finish. (we have a tutorial on that here)
4. Use another design from the library using HTV.

Heat Transfer Vinyl Tips:

1. When cutting, the decorative or shiny side goes facing down (towards the floor) on your mat.
2. Make sure to mirror your design when cutting. (unless you are using patterned HTV that needs a mask… meaning it is NOT attached to a clear carrier sheet yet… If you order from Expressions Vinyl  you will use it like any other HTV and mirror)
3. Make sure to use the finger tip rule when applying HTV designs to your shirts.
Approximately 3-4 fingers from the collar for adults, 2 fingers for kids, and 1 finger for bodysuits
4. When layering HTV do NOT press for the full amount of time on the first press.  Only press long enough for the vinyl to adhere (about 4 sec) to minimize shrinkage.
5. The vinyl WILL shrink when applying.  Keep this in mind when applying layers.
6. Make sure to use a teflon sheet with your heat source so as not to burn your vinyl, carrier sheet, or item.


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