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Let’s Work With Paint!

This challenge is all about working with paint, stencils, and our cutting machines.  Your mission is to take the attached ‘Make Today Awesome’ design (pictured above) , download it, cut it out as a stencil, and paint it on something!

Here are a few of my favorite supplies I like to use when making signs:

  • Chalk Paint
  • Common Board
  • Oramask 813 as the stencil
  • Paper or Clear Transfer Tape

But wait there is more!  While you are working through the creation process I want you to document and/or take note of things that work and things you learn.  It could be a setting to cut your stencil on, or maybe your favorite way to apply the design, or even some amazing wood blanks that you snagged.

Thirdly and most important you know the drill… show off your PROJECT PHOTO HERE in our Facebook club community.  We also want to hear what you learned and what worked for you on the project.  This not only helps you for next time but also builds up our entire community.

I encourage you to do this within the first 30 days of being in the membership or at any time you are needing a little refresh.

If you have worked with stencils and you want to take the project to the next level here are a few ideas:

  1. Make the sign with multiple colors.
  2. Create a frame for the wood sign.
  3. Make a shape in the background of your design that is the same size as the board to get your design totally even and lined up.
  4. Do a larger than 12×24 sign and piece the two (or three+) sections togethers.

Check out how to cut the larger than mat project for Cricut here.
Check out how to cut a larger than mat project for Silhouette here.

Stencil Tips:

  1. Use the hinge method if applying to a large space to make sure it is even and centered.
  2. Do not mirror your image.
  3. Weed the area you DO want paint to go.  This is different than working with other types of vinyl.
  4. Make sure to peel up the stencil while the paint is slightly damp so the paint doesn’t peel with it.
  5. Dab LIGHTLY!  Do not squish your brush or this will create bleeds.
  6. Apply a layer of mod podge over the stencil first to help prevent bleeds.
  7. To seal use either a coat of polyacrylic or mod podge.

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