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Here in the Chaos we have all types of 100% free SVG cutting files for you to use and explore available for personal and commercial use. Bring these fun one of a kind designs to life today!

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My name is Michelle and I am the creative director behind the chaos. I love all things crafty and cutting machine related. I am so are glad you are here and hope you find inspiration and confidence to create something beautiful out of the chaos in your craft room and in life.

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Bring your creativity to life quickly and easily.

This guidebook will give you a detailed look into the creative crafting cycle called the Craft Maker Process. Learn about the cycle, identify where you get stuck, and gain tips on how to make progress with your creative talents!


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Testimonials From Our Members

Club Chaos is a truly happy place for us newbie crafters, accomplished fantabulous crafters and all of us that "just get it" that crafting just makes the Heart and Soul Happy. I found the Club through the "Fun Five Challenge" after that I was addicted to this wonderful group and had to join...best decision EVER. Michelle, team Chaos and all the wonderful ladies that are part of this Fantabulous group make it a truly "Happy Crafting make new friends" place to be. I have learned so much and the great part is we just keep learning & making beautiful Things with each other...Thank you!


Do you love to make stuff? We. Are. Your. People. Yes, really. Get in here, we're waiting for you. Club Chaos is fun stuff with all your peeps, trying new things together every week. What's not to love?


This group feels more like friends and family!  I'm so excited about being here!


I am loving this 123-SVG class! I am so re-energized ~ it's like when I first got my machine.


I just love this group and community. When I am feeling frustrated, I take a break and then I scroll through the group and it motivates me and gets me excited to go at it again.