Work With Me

Michelle loves to partner with brands that also encourage crafters to grow in their creativity.

She has a social media following of over 219,000+ with a reach of over 5 million each and every month.  We receive 200,000 page views a month here on our blog!

Please feel free to send us an email for inquiries.

What Brands Are Saying About Working With Michelle


I've worked with Michelle at My Designs in the Chaos for many years now and I've always been impressed with how professional and knowledgeable Michelle is. When it comes to Crafts she has a really deep knowledge of how Craft Software & Digital Files work, ensuring the quality of her work is always on point and ready to use without issues. I'd highly recommend subscribing to My Designs in the Chaos on YouTube to take your Crafting to the next level!

Andy Croft
Co-Founder of Design Bundles