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I know that getting a cutting machine can feel a little overwhelming.  The possibilities feel endless and yet you find yourself stuck screenshotting cute ideas, scrolling Pinterest, and your machine is still just sitting there.  That's why I've got tons of resources for you to get out of the inspiration stage and into the creating stage.

Download my FREE E-Book on the full Craft Maker Process Here.  This e-book will help you discover why you are stuck in a world of cute ideas without actually bringing them to life.  I give you practical tips and tricks to help get you crafting instead of just collecting.

Check out the Ultimate Guide to Your Cutting Machine Here.  This email series will walk you through my favorite types of vinyl, when to use what, where to get fonts, and more.  It is the perfect series for beginners.

Looking for some free designs to play with on your machine?  We have tons and tons of them Here inside our FB group.

One of my favorite parts about the Chaos community is our Club Chaos.  We create exclusive SVG files, fonts, feature guest designers, provide guided monthly projects and offer additional training and support for you and your crafting experience!  Learn More about our crafty sisterhood Here. 

Ready to take the next step and learn how to create your own SVG Files?  I have developed a tried and true process that works.  Learn how to create your own unique SVG files in my 7 week program 123-SVG.  Learn more or get on the waitlist Here.