Craft Pricing Calculator

Looking for a pricing calculator to help you figure out what to charge for your work?

One of the hardest things to determine when making the leap into selling items is how much to charge for your products.

Pricing can feel complicated and confusing. Almost like a random shot in the dark at times.

We are here to take the guesswork out of it for you.

With the craft pricing calculator below, you will easily be able to determine how much to charge for your products and how much profit you will make with each sale.


Here is how it works:

    • Type in (or move the slider) to the amount your supplies cost
        • You can be exact all the way down to the penny if you want


    • Then type in how many items you made with those supplies
        • For example: Type in 3 if you were able to make 3 shirts with the supplies you bought


    • Next type in how long it took you to make the item
        • If it only took you 30 minutes then type in .5


    • Now fill out how much per hour you would like to get paid
        • Minimum wage in Texas is $7.25 an hour for reference


    • Finally, type in how much you would like to mark up your items
        • Retail mark-up is usually 50% and wholesale mark-up is usually around 20%


Once the figures are filled in you will see the numbers at the bottom change in real-time.

This makes it easy to adjust and manipulate if you find a sale on supplies, speed up your production time, want to adjust your hourly rate, etc.

Finally, it will give you the cost per item, how much you should sell it for at retail value, and how much profit you will make per item when selling at retail value.

Make sure to BOOKMARK THIS PAGE and PIN THE GRAPHIC ABOVE so it is easily accessible for you to find.

Also, let a friend know about this super easy calculator! Life is already chaotic and stressful enough.

Let this simple tool take one of the most stressful parts of the business and make it one of the simplest.

Please note that this calculator does not include any tax calculations.

Cost of Supplies
Number of Items Made
Hours to Create Items
Hourly Rate

Cost Per Unit

Retail Product Price

Retail Profit Per Product