Fun Facts You Might Not Already Know About Me

If you hadn’t already guessed my favorite color is purple (every single shade is beautiful).

Reality TV is the best and I dream of one day being on The Amazing Race. If you know someone who can make it happen please feel free to introduce me!

I can’t even draw a normal looking stick figure to save my life.

The beach is my happy place but if seaweed (or anything else) brushes my foot/leg I freak out because I was stung by a Portuguese Man O War when I was a kid.

I have lived in 3 different countries and love to travel and learn about other cultures.

Pandas and frogs are my two favorite animals.

I have a tattoo or two and plan on getting more.

Monograms make everything cuter!

The best pens to write with are Papermate Flairs and writing in a fun color makes everything more interesting.

I ran the Dopey (48.6 miles) at Disney and highly recommend everyone do at least 1 Disney race event in their life. It was an experience of a lifetime!

I love to read (but it has to be an actual book… not the digital or audio version).

The only time I ever cheated in school was on a 3rd grade spelling test (and yes I did get caught) and still to this day I CAN NOT spell.

My favorite number is 23.

I don’t drink caffeine! Give me a glass of apple juice over a cup of coffee any day.

Words of affirmation fill up my bucket and are what keep me motivated! (Feel free to leave a comment about how awesome we are here… LOL!)

I have run 2 marathons and probably won’t do another… but never say never.

I rarely send a text message without an emoji. They help me get my point across and you can’t convince me otherwise.

My first job out of college was a paralegal clerk and I thought I was gonna be a big shot lawyer… God had other plans.

I’m a list maker and will add something to a list just to be able to check it off.

I taught myself how to design SVG files and learned thru trial and error. My personal journey is why I developed 123-SVG because I knew there had to be a better way!

My first ‘real’ job at 15 was the cashier at Chick-fil-a in a mall. I still respond with my pleasure to a thank you!

I used to be a geography teacher and I come from a family of teachers. Even my husband is a teacher… it’s in my blood.

I have a master’s degree in educational leadership and thought I would be a school principal. Again, God had other plans… funny how it works like that!

I want to go back to school one day and get an official graphic design degree. (although I think experience is the best teacher of all)

This website reached over 1 million people the very first year it was published!

I was 1 class away from minoring in Spanish in college.

My two favorite foods are artichokes and black olives (but not together… unless they are on a pizza).

A mom bun is my permanent hairstyle.

Snorkeling in the great barrier reef is on my bucket list. Want to see more of my bucket list? Check it out over here.

I absolutely love browsing real estate!

My husband proposed to me while we were skydiving. Remind me to tell you the full story sometime. It was like a scene out of a movie!

I kill plants (accidentally of course) but can’t stop buying more.

Puzzles are one of my favorite things to do. Check out my most recent puzzle over on my Puzzle TikTok.

I pledged Sigma Kappa in college and graduated from TCU. Horned frog for life over here!

Massages, pedicures, and spa days are my love language.

I own a ridiculous amount of t-shirts… It’s my favorite thing to wear because they are just so comfortable!


Now that we are besties, I have one more thing to share…

I believe that you have a special unique gift that you need to share with the world AND I will do everything I can to encourage and help you on your journey to discover, develop, and grow that special unique gift.

I’m so glad you are here and can’t wait to get to know you more!

Did any of my fun facts resonate? Comment below because I would love to meet you too!