Angel SVG: Free Cutting Files for Silhouette and Cricut

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Angel SVG: Wings and Love For Your Home

There are so many different reasons as to why you might need these angel SVG files.  

I know that some of you are grieving, sad, or even using the designs to help provide comfort to someone close who has lost a loved one.

It is a privilege to be able to provide a tiny resource for this community in a time when you might be hurting.  I am honored to be able to use my designing skills to serve y’all.

You might also be using the angel clipart as a way to add a simple classic touch to a shirt or project.  Because I wasn’t totally sure of how you would be using the files, there are two different angel themed designs depending on what you are looking for.  

I created a saying for one of them, which is similar to some of the free remembrance designs that we also have available.  The other designs is an angel clipart.  The angel clipart can be easily personalized with a name of your choice. Angel SVG

Make sure once you have created something with one of the files, be sure to share a picture of your creation with us!  Sharing that personal creation with me is what motivates me to continue to design for the community. 

I truly value each and every one of you in this Chaos Community.

Please note that all the images used to display these angel svg files in this post are mock up images.

An Angel Watches Over Our Home

For this project I wanted to create a design that was elegant enough to be used by itself but also make sense if you decide to add a name or date to the bottom of it for personalization.

I can see this file looking great on a wood frame sign or even adding a picture as the background of your project.  Sometimes a picture says more than words ever are able to.

No matter how you decide to bring this design to life, I hope that you are able to have precious memories surface each time you look at it.

Angel SVG

Angel Silhouette

For this angel SVG I decided to add in a name and year to the mockup. 

The cool thing about this graphic though, is you don’t have to add that in.

You can use this angel as a pocket design or even as a way to personalize some holiday jammies. 

I have added in a layer behind the wing outline for you to be able to use some decorative material (glitter, holographic, opal, etc.) to really help the wings stand out and make a statement. 

Angel SVG

Angels Light The Way

angel svg

Angel SVG Design Info

Each of these angel SVG files have a couple intricate cuts depending on how small you go with the design.  (they would look amazing on ornaments). Because of the smaller cuts I highly suggest utilizing a test cut on your machine.  The vinyl waste is minimal then and you don’t end up messing up your one piece that you need for the project!

Each angel SVG design will work on both Silhouette and Cricut cutting machines.  Both machines have their perks and quirks.

DON’T FORGET: If you happen to be a Silhouette user and are using Silhouette Studio (the basic/free version) you will need to upload the DXF instead of the SVG. 
Just a word of caution/warning… the DXF file always cuts crazy slow!  That is an extremely old file type and saves with TONS of nodes.  This is totally normal.  I highly recommend doing a tiny offset of the DXF cut line and cutting the offset instead.  It will cut so much faster for you on your machine. 
As I mentioned above, it would be so wonderful to see your project in progress as well as once you have completed it!  I want to cheer you on along the way.  Head over to our Facebook Community and make a post! 
We would love to connect with you further and become crafting besties!

Tons Of Options

I totally get the overwhelm that comes when start with a project.  I encourage you though to take it one step at a time.  Also don’t get stuck in all the options.  

As you begin to refine and develop your skills, things that feel hard now will become second nature.  Use these angel SVG files to get started. You can even do them all in one color to just help you break in your machine.  

When we create and try something new in life we either win or we learn (and most of the time it’s a little bit of both).

With all that being said, I will let you know that the quality of the materials you are working with makes a huge  difference.  If you have cut the same piece of vinyl 3 times and it still isn’t working… try using a different brand. My favorite spot for vinyl is hands down Expressions Vinyl.   I also love the convenience of shopping off Amazon, so feel free to check out my Amazon favorites and tools over in my Amazon shop.  

Our Crafty Club

I want to extend an invite for you to join us inside of our monthly membership called Club Chaos. 

It is a beautiful community full of women lifting each other up, cheering one another on, and using their creative gifts. Club Chaos includes monthly SVG files, monthly project tutorials, featured guest designers, fonts, and more!

When you connect with others who just get it there is a whole different kind of bond.  Our crafty sisterhood is the perfect way to connect and cheer others in the community(plus get tons of awesome files to use!).

Learn more about Club Chaos here. 

Here is a peek into some of the designs from the Club:  

Members have access to 1000+ files (and growing each month) that you can bring to life as well as a sisterhood of women cheering you on! If you join as a semi-annual or annual member you also get immediate access to a BONUS library of 1000+ exclusive designs as well.

If you love our blog posts, then you will feel right at home inside of the Club.

I also realize that Club Chaos isn’t right for everyone at the moment and that’s OK too.  (But I encourage you to take the leap if you are on the fence)  Just know that the option is there for you when you are ready to take the next step.

Club member or not, I want to let you know that I appreciate you being here in our Chaos Community and your continued support doesn’t go unnoticed. 

Pin This Angel SVG Image

If you could you do me a favor and please take a moment to pin this image below I would appreciate it. By pinning this image, I am able to continue to serve you, our Chaos Community, with high quality SVG designs here on the blog.

 Angel SVG

Download your Angel SVG Files Here:

Please note that all the Angel SVG files are all inside zipped folders.  You will need to unzip the file folder first to access the SVG file inside.

Angel Silhouette

An Angel Watches Over Our Home

Angels light the way

Reminder when working with the Angel SVG Files:  Double check that you are working with the SVG file if you want to be able to ungroup and manipulate the elements.  At first deciphering the various file types can feel confusing.  The description under file type might be html file or even internet explorer file (these are both the SVG).  If you aren’t able to ungroup and manipulate the elements in the design you might be uploading the wrong one!  Read more about when to use what file and the difference between SVG and PNG file types. 

Crafty Love

If you know of someone who would love the SVG files here on this post, please make sure to let them know where to go!  This is THE PLACE to snag cute and easy to use SVG files for use with your cutting machine.  Plus, it’s pretty awesome that we offer so many for free here on our blog.  🙂

Reminder: You can use these designs for personal or commercial use up to 200 uses in your own home.  (Sorry no screen prints or print on demand shops are allowed). Please remember though, the digital file itself isn’t to be shared or distributed outside of this blog post.  Thanks for understanding and if you have questions don’t hesitate to reach out!

Thanks for supporting my small business and my dream.  I have so much gratitude every pin, share, comment, and like.  

Happy crafting and chaos!


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Angel SVG


  1. Cecilia Palmer on December 13, 2021 at 6:52 am

    These brought tears to my eyes.

    • MyDesigns on December 13, 2021 at 11:24 am

      I hope they bring you some comfort. Hugs!

  2. Jean m Eggers on December 13, 2021 at 7:20 am

    thank you,, I just wished that it could also say, My home instead of makers always saying OUR,, I live alone and there is no OUR in my home,, its me only now and so my home is not ours,,

    • MyDesigns on December 13, 2021 at 11:24 am

      Thank you so much for that feedback!

  3. rosemarie rodriguez on December 8, 2022 at 6:06 pm

    warms my heart ty but not ready to do a memorial page

    • MyDesigns on December 9, 2022 at 1:31 pm

      I can totally understand that!

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