Day Six Free Senior SVG File

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Today we are showing some love to the class of 2020.  Things abruptly ended for them this year and it’s been a tough adjustment all around.  What better to remember this year than a free senior SVG file with some toilet paper? 

First up though we have our club member exclusive.  Did you ever pull off a senior prank?  If so I want to hear about it in the comments!   Learn more about the club and the exclusive library we have for members here.

Then we have the senior free svg file for everyone.  What better way to remember the year than with a roll of toilet paper? 



MDC Senior Class of 2020

Please note if you are on a phone or tablet you will need to have an app to unzip and open the folder in order to access the SVG.

Cameo 3 Bundles by Expressions Vinyl

Check out our previous days of designs here-

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Two- Floral Outline

Three- Mother’s Day

Four- 3D heart Mandala

Five- Hairstylist SVG


Thanks so much for hanging out today.  Please take a moment and pin the image above for future reference.  That helps me continue to serve and design for you!  Also if you bring this design to life make sure to show it off over in our Facebook group.  We want to see what you are creating! 

‘Til next time happy crafting, cutting, and chaos!

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