Where to Find Free Mock Up Images

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Where to Find Cheap and Free Mock Up Images

Quality images are a crucial element when displaying your work on a mock up.  If the photo is fuzzy, or the shirt is wrinkled, or there are too many shadows, etc. it will distract from the product you are trying to show off.  On the flip side, paying a professional photographer for every item you want to list can be a very hefty price tag.  Today I want to share some of my favorite spots to find affordable and free mock up images.  You can use these mock up images in your crafting or designing business.   

Before we get to that though,  let me explain exactly what is a mock up image.  A mock up (also seen written as mockup) is a photograph of a blank item.  Then, digitally overlaid on the photo is a design.  Mock ups are a wonderful way to show off your work before it sells.  This saves you from having to actually create the physical product for every item you offer.  Learn in more detail about what is a mock up over on this post here.

Please note that this post contains affiliate links which means I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you when you purchase an item through my link.

Mock Up Image Resources

DIY Mock Up

Also, just a reminder… you can always take your own mock up images.  While yes using a fancy camera and lights can come in handy, you can also get a great result by using what you already have on hand.  Utilize the sun as your natural light source and your phone to snap some shots.  Edit the image and boom… done free mock up ready to go!   

But let’s face it… who has time for that?  Time is money, especially when you are a one woman show.  I know from experience that while it sounds simple and easy, it is a little trickier than it looks.  Sometimes it is much more efficient to just purchase a finished one.  So, now that we know we don’t really want to invest in learning to take our own (at least not right now) where do we find cheap and free mock ups?  I’m so glad you asked!

Where to find Free Mock Up Photos

Design Bundles

My first spot online to look for mock up images, is Design Bundles.  There is such a huge variety of choices on their site!  I can almost guarantee you are sure to find exactly the type of mock up you are looking for.  Here are a few that I found on their site that I think are just adorable.  They are great for displaying digital designs as well as physical products you might be selling.  




Now, you might be wondering… Michelle, you said free and each of those are paid… what’s up?  One thing I absolutely love about Design Bundles is that they have a FREE RESOURCES section where weekly new products are posted for free that you can download.  Mock Ups like this one below are an example of some of the free ones that they have available for you to practice and play with.



Creative Fabrica

The next place that I go if I’m looking for a free mock up image is Creative Fabrica  They have great images that you can use for shop graphics, styled pictures for your blog, and frames for prints.  I also find that if you love Adobe Photoshop and smart layers they have tons of mock ups that work seamlessly with that software.  That is usually for more advanced mock up users but good to know the options are there.  Check out this bundle here to see what I mean.


Creative Fabrica also has a free section where you can experiment and try out tons of mock ups (and SVG files) before you jump in and buy.  Check out their freebie bank here.  This free mock up pictured below is an example of something from that section of their site.  Please note:  this section of their site is constantly updated and refreshed with new free content


Creative Market

Creative Market is another selling platform that is similar to Creative Fabrica and Design Bundles.  They do their free resources page a little bit differently though.  You have to check in weekly on their site to get what they call their free goods for the week.  For example, the week I am writing this blog post this free mock up of a laptop pictured below was available.  


While that section of their site can be hit or miss with free mock up images, they absolutely have some beautiful photos that you can purchase.  Here is an example of what I mean… 

This mock up is of a real person and can really take your designs and products to the next level!  It is absolutely worth investing a few bucks in some high quality images to really take your marketing and advertising to the next level. 



Like several of the other spots mentioned above SoFontsy is also an online marketplace that is wonderful for not only SVG designs, but also for mock up images.  They not only have weekly freebies but also daily freebies!  Check out the most current freebies here.  Since this section of the site is constantly being refreshed for the season and upcoming holidays it is hard to pin point exactly when you will find a free mock up here.  But the good news is you will always find something!  It is a great spot to bookmark on your browser and stock up on some goodies. 

I came across this simple sign mock up on their site and couldn’t resist sharing it with y’all.  I encourage you to dive in and browse around.  You might be surprised with what you find there!  I know I was.



The last spot that I have found some super cute mock ups at a very reasonable price is Etsy.  Now, I will warn you that these designs are not free but here is the catch…  Most spots have a mailing list or social media.  When you purchase and connect they might potentially serve you with a goodie now and again.  Here are some super cute and very affordable mock up images that I found just browsing.


A word to the wise though when browsing on Etsy, make sure the photo is a high quality image.  The worst is when you purchase a mock up on a whim without taking a close look at it, and then realize you can’t use it because it is slightly blurry (and I might be speaking from experience here…..)  So just double check your image very closely before purchase and don’t hesitant to reach out in a kind way to the shop owner if something looks off.  


Mock Up Graphics


Now as my gift to you I also have some free mock up images that are available for you to download and use in your small business.  I can’t wait to see what designs you decide to put on them!

Download Your Free Mock Up Images Here:

Click for 4 Free Mock Up Images 


Because we are discussing digital items I feel like I can’t leave this post without mentioning a little reminder.  Don’t forget that you can’t distribute the blank mock up images that others have created (even if you buy the file).  Sure you can use them to add your designs, to but the actual image isn’t allowed to be shared.  (same as an SVG file)  Let’s support the original artists!

Well, there ya have it… what?… still feeling stuck or can’t find any mock ups that you just love in the spots mentioned above? 

Well, I want to encourage you then, like I previously mentioned… don’t be afraid to take your own photos for your mock ups!  We did a post sharing exactly how to create your own here and don’t forget to snag our photography tips (for your mock ups and product photos) here.

As always, if you found this helpful, we greatly appreciate it if you give an image from the post a pin, a comment below, or share our post with a fellow crafter looking for mock ups.  This will help them along on their journey too and that’s what it is all about.  Building each other up as we grow in our creative talents and abilities.

‘Til next time, Happy Crafting, Cutting, and Chaos!!


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