Free Baking SVG Files For Silhouette and Cricut

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Baking SVG Files: Show off your love of baking with these free designs

These baking SVG files are a fun way to make your kitchen attire festive and show off your love of holiday baking.

It is a sure sign of the holidays when there are yummy things coming out of the kitchen (and even better if I am not the one making them, LOL). 

Every year my family makes gingerbread people and the kids have so much fun getting creative with decorating them.  We also love to make chocolate covered pecans as well as all the pies for holiday dinners.

Honestly, it’s probably the most time I spend in the kitchen all year long, and not dreading it.  

I think what makes it even more fun for me is a couple of my kids love to bake with me.  That makes it all worth while.  Maybe I should make us all matching shirts with these free designs…  

Baking SVG

These baking SVG files would make super cute kitchen baking pictures.  Make sure to share a picture of your creation with us!  We want to see your holiday baking teams in action!

Just make sure to bring them to life… you don’t want them to get stuck in your downloads folder and you forget about them!

You can head to the end of the post to download both of these free Baking SVG files.  

Please note that all the images used in this post are mock up images.

Holiday Baking Team

I can already see this design being the perfect touch to the holiday baking teams that you have with your friends and families.  These holiday SVG designs would be super cute to add in there too!

It is going to be so fun to see your photos of this design in action.  Make sure to send them over to us at because we want to see y’all!

Red shirts with white glitter HTV seem to be calling out to me but green, pink, or even a navy blue shirts would look adorable!  

Wouldn’t it be adorable to personalize each of them by writing names on the rolling pin? 

I encourage you to have some fun with this because there are so many fun ways to make it your own!

Baking SVG Mock Up Image

Baking Spirits Bright

My favorite part about this design is the fun whimsical feel the font used in the words Baking and Bright bring to the baking svg file.

The word spirits in the design is knocked out of the rolling pin so whatever color shirt you end up using, that color will peek through on the rolling pin.

Perfectly center your HTV on the shirt and don’t forget to use my finger tip rule when trying to figure out how low to place the design below the collar.

  Baking SVG 

The Holidays are what you Bake Them

This is so true!  Not even about the holidays but about life in general.  It is all about what we make it right?!

baking svg

Baking SVG File Details

Each of the baking SVG cutting files will work with both Silhouette and Cricut cutting machines.  If you are a Silhouette user and are using Silhouette Studio (the basic/free version) you will need to upload the DXF instead of the SVG. 
Just a word of caution… the DXF file cuts super super slow and I recommend doing a tiny offset and cutting that instead.  It will cut so much faster on your machine.  If you can upgrade your software (a one time cost) I highly highly recommend it!

I can’t wait to see what your finished project ends up looking like!  Head over to our Facebook Community so we can see what you are making.   

I know that it can be scary showing off your work.  Trust me, I am more of a lurker online too.  But here’s the thing… you never know who you are meant to inspire when you share. 

Take the leap!  It will be worth it.

Get Past the Overwhelm

Daily we are surrounded with an influx of online input and stimulus.  We see ideas and project ideas that we want to make on every social media known to man. 

If your phone images look anything like mine, it is filled with screen shots of things and projects that are on my ‘to do’ list. 

Instead of being able create these ideas and bring them to life we continue in the vicious cycle of continuing to consume more.  

When you are feeling this overwhelm and creative block, here are a few things I like to do to move past it.

  • Go for a walk outside
    • Fresh air and nature do wonders for clearing the brain and bringing inspiration.
  • Take a break from social
    • Give your brain time to process without additional intake.
  • Journal
    • Writing your ideas down gives them power.

When you are ready to get going on the project ensure that you have high quality materials.  It makes a huge difference in the creation process.  My favorite spot for vinyl is hands down Expressions Vinyl.  

I also love the convenience of shopping off Amazon so check out my Amazon favorites and tools here in my Amazon shop.  

Club Chaos

Inside of our monthly membership we have thousands of designs available for you to use on your crafting projects. 

In addition to tons of files we also provide monthly tutorials and feature guest designers.  Community is so important and I absolutely love being able to showcase other digital SVG designers inside the Club. 

Club Chaos is the place for crafters to feel at home.  There is a reason why our members call it their crafty sisterhood.  Learn more about Club Chaos here. 

Here is a peek into some of the designs from the Club: 

As a member you have access to 1000+ files that you can bring to life as well as a community of women cheering you on! If you join as a semi-annual or annual member you also get immediate access to a BONUS library of exclusive designs as well.

If you love our files, community, style, and designs you will feel right at home in the Club. 

I know that Club Chaos isn’t a good fit for everyone right now, that’s OK too. 

Could you do me a favor and please take a moment to pin this image below?  It helps me continue to serve you, our Chaos Community, with high quality SVG designs.     

Baking SVG

Download your Baking SVG Files Here:

Please note that all the Baking SVG free files are all inside zipped folders.  You will need to unzip the file folder first to access the SVG file inside.

Baking Spirits Bright

Holiday Baking Team

The holidays are what you bake them

Reminder when working with the Baking SVG designs:  As you upload the design into your software first confirm that you are uploading the SVG file.  It can be confusing at first which one that is.  It might say under file type html file or even internet explorer file as the file type.  If you aren’t able to ungroup and manipulate the elements in the design you might be uploading the wrong one!  Read more about when to use what file and the difference between SVG and PNG file types. 

Crafty Friends Unite

Crafty friend don’t let crafty friends have yucky designs!  Make sure to let your buddies know that this is THE PLACE to snag cute SVG files for use with their cutting machines.  And as a BONUS so many of them are free here on our site!

I am so grateful for every pin, share, comment, and like.  

Reminder: You can use these designs for personal or commercial use up to 200 uses in your own home.  (Sorry no screen prints or print on demand shops are allowed). Please remember though, the digital file itself isn’t to be shared or distributed outside of this blog post.  Thanks for understanding!

I appreciate the fact that you are here, supporting my small business.

Happy crafting and chaos!


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Baking SVG


  1. Trish on December 8, 2021 at 8:25 am

    Love the holiday baking team svg! Thank you for sharing all of these!

    • MyDesigns on December 8, 2021 at 2:56 pm

      I’m so glad that you love them!

  2. Keri Enfield on December 8, 2021 at 5:52 pm

    PERFECT timing!!!!

    We have our cookie baking day this Saturday and tonight’s plan was to look for shirt ideas!

    • Jes - Team Chaos on December 8, 2021 at 11:38 pm

      Yes! Don’t forget to show us when you make them! We can’t wait to see!

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