Snowflake SVG Designs to Make Winter Crafting Dreams Come True

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These snowflake svg designs are a must-have for all your winter decorating. Even if the weather outside is not so frightful today, we say let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Do you need some snowflake inspiration? Check out these suggestions for using the five free snowflake svg files.

snowflake svg

Party Time!

Are you planning a cozy family gathering this winter? Can you just picture it? Everyone gathered around your kitchen or family room, snuggled up with snowflake-themed decor everywhere.

Use your cutting machine to cut out the snowflakes on cardstock and hang them around the room. 

You can also decorate windows and mantles using a burlap bunting garland

A craft party is another fun idea for using the snowflake svg files. 

Invite all the neighborhood kids over to make some easy Christmas crafts. 

You can help them cut snowflakes, and they can make ornaments or personal cards for their grandparents.

No matter what time of year it is, these snowflake svg designs will help your little one’s dreams come true for a Frozen-themed party. 

  • Cut out a wand topper for party favors and sprinkle snowflakes on the tables. 
  • Make snowflake confetti.
  • Use the snowflakes to make a coloring book shirt (like this one) as a party favor.

We love all of the seasons, of course. But winter gives us so many choices for cute craft projects to make!  

Just use any one of these snowflake svg files or use them all! 


HTV is great for adding a little something special to blankets and towels. Here are some suggestions for giving those textiles a slight extra winter feel. 

Try using some HTV to add snowflakes on a blanket. A blue blanket would be super cute, all decked out with white snowflakes in various sizes!

Kitchen dish towels and hand towels are popular gifts during the winter season. You could add a few snowflakes along with a monogram for a personalized touch. Try working with glitter vinyl to make your gifts sparkle!

Making winter-themed pillows is another way to use a snowflake svg on textiles. Make some with white and red or white and green. Or make lots of smaller blue snowflakes in various shades.

There are so many ways to winterize your house with our snowflake svg files.

snowflake svg for kitchen towel

More Snowflake SVG Projects

  • Holiday cards with these snowflake svg designs playing center stage would be adorable. Try using the same technique that was used in our easy layered card tutorial to make your snowflake really pop out! 
  • Maybe make the snowflakes the background for a wintry scene on a card or sign. Add a cute cottage and some pine trees to complete the picture.
  • Canvas projects are super quick and fun ways to use these designs. Check out a messy canvas tutorial using a snowflake!
  • We have done a snowflake wood slice ornament with mod podge and glitter. Now we have all sorts of ideas for more beautiful snowflake projects.
  • Etchings on glassware such as wine glasses or rocks glasses. These would make great gifts!
  • Snowflake wreath. Use solid white for a crisp, clean look or add some light blue for an even cooler wintry look.
  • Adhesive vinyl designs on ornaments.Try wood slices, acrylic, glass, etc.
snowflake svg win bag
If you need a quick last-minute gift idea, and who doesn’t need that around the holidays, add an HTV snowflake to a wine bag. You could even personalize it too by adding names, a monogram, or the year. 

Even MORE ways to add a flurry of snowflakes:

  • Card stock snowflakes for windows or for decorations on a Christmas or other winter-themed tree. Didn’t we all make these when we were kids?
  • Snowflake garland. Make it rustic with twine or fancy and elegant with gold or silver ribbon.
  • Table settings. Make large snowflakes to serve as placemats and plate chargers at your holiday fest.
  • Vases and lanterns. Use removable adhesive vinyl to add snowflakes to vases or lanterns, and then tuck in some fairy lights. Just peel the snowflakes off when winter is over and you can use the vases and lanterns in another scene.
  • Use nothing but snowflakes on a Christmas tree. Cut snowflakes in all different sizes to cover a Christmas tree with “snow.”
  • Holiday cards with these snowflake svg designs playing center stage would be adorable
  • Maybe make the snowflakes the background for a wintry scene on a card or sign. Add a cute cottage and some pine trees to complete the picture.
snowflake svg files

Other Winter and Holiday Designs

If you’re looking for even more inspiration for snowflakes and other winter decors, check out some of our free winter svg designs.

These files will make you wish every day were a snow day and that you could cozy up with “snowflake kisses and icicle wishes.” Embrace all the best warm fuzzies of winter!

But if the cold is not really your thing and snowflakes make you want to hibernate, we have you covered there too.

These funny winter svg designs will make you laugh away the low temps!

Try “Dear winter, I’m breaking up with you. Summer is hotter” on a thick sweatshirt. At least we can snuggle into a warm sweatshirt and pretend it’s hot outside!

If Old Man Winter has your teeth chattering and the cold makes you snap, then “I’m sorry for what I said when I was cold” is just for you. It’s a great way to apologize for being just a teensy bit abominable.

If you’re already in a snow state of mind you should check out some of our holiday designs too!

Spread holiday cheer with “Happy Holidays” or lighten the mood with “Santa, do you accept bribes?” Either of these would look adorable on baby clothes, especially for all the little ones welcomed into the world during winter.

There’s a reason we love to do Christmas in July. We’re already dreaming of Christmas. Sometimes we also need to get a head start on the homemade gifts we want to share with our friends and family.

It’s fun to play with Christmas, snowflakes and all things winter any time of year!  Come show off what you are creating and working on inside our Facebook community.  We want to connect with you and cheer you on!

Download the five free snowflake svg files here!

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