Fun & Easy Christmas Mixed Media Craft

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It’s Make It with Michelle, and we’re kicking off a series full of ‘Tis the Season for Christmas projects with a fun and easy Christmas mixed media craft.

Christmas mixed media craft

We recently finished the Fun-Five Challenge, and we’re using a design from that.

We put two designs up on Instagram, and you all voted for which one we’ll work with.

Challenge members already have the design, and Club Chaos members will have access to both – Club Chaos members get all the things!

Our Club only opens twice a year, and it’s always exciting when we welcome new members to craft with.

So what’s it all about?

In the Club, we share project tutorials, we have guest designer interviews, we have monthly design challenges, and of course, we have free svg designs! It’s a great place to stay inspired to use your crafting supplies and keep the crafting process flowing!

This week we’re taking a design from our recent challenge, and we’re making new projects with it.

We’re going to use one design in all sorts of different ways.

For the Christmas mixed media project, I’m doing something different from what I normally do. I usually use heat transfer vinyl (HTV) for a canvas, which only sticks to something once it’s hot.

You could also use adhesive vinyl. Use what you have and remember it doesn’t have to be exactly like what we’re making beautiful. 

For this project, we’re using all the crafty things.

You could use multiple patterned cardstock sheets for making several trees, and that would look really good.

To see exactly how this project was done, you can always watch the Christmas mixed media project video.

Utilize pre-done designs and step by step tutorials by adding your own creative touch.

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    Supplies we’ll use for our Christmas mixed media craft:

    • Canvas (from Dollar Tree or a craft store), wood sign, whatever you have that you want to decorate
    • Adhesive vinyl in your favorite Christmas color (I used gold)
    • Weeding tool and scraper
    • Transfer tape (I used paper transfer tape for this project) 
    • Cardstock (green, green patterns, brown or brown paper)
    • Scissors
    • Mod podge
    • Hot glue and glue gun
    • Gold star 
    • Ribbon
    supplies for christmas mixed media craft

    Step one

    Cut the ’Tis the Season design out with your machine, and remember that there is no need to mirror this design.

    Then weed the design to remove all the pieces you don’t want on your final project.

    Be cautious when you pull up adhesive vinyl because it can pick up extra pieces of it too. 

    cut and weed tis the season svg for the christmas mixed media project


    Some people use contact paper or Press’n Seal, but I haven’t had much success with those.

    I used paper transfer tape for this project because it’s not nearly as tacky as clear transfer tape, making it easier to remove from the canvas.

    The key is to use a tape that will release easily from the canvas. 

    Step two

    I didn’t do anything to this canvas first, but you could paint the whole canvas if you wanted to or even paint a background picture.

    We’re going to add a tree later on. Line up your ’Tis the Season design and place it where you want it to be.

    Turn the canvas over and use your scraper on the backside to press the canvas fabric down. Flip it back over and start peeling the transfer tape off.

    Use one hand to pull the tape back flat, and use your other hand to press down the words as you pull the tape. 

    Utilize pre-done designs and step by step tutorials by adding your own creative touch.

      We won’t send you junk and you can unsubscribe at anytime.

      Step three

      Use your scissors to cut out a triangle shape for your tree. If you have more than one green pattern card stock to use for additional trees, that will look great.

      I just had one, so that’s what I used. And that’s the point – use what you have to make something beautiful!

      That’s one of our main themes in Club Chaos, where we remind each other that there is no wrong way to craft.

      Use a foam brush to brush the back of your paper tree with mod podge and then attach it to the canvas.

      Sneak in your tree trunk, too (with mod podge on the back of it) before pressing down the bottom of the tree.

      Flip the canvas over and use your scraper to put pressure on the back of the canvas to help the design elements stick to the front. 

      cut triangles for christmas mixed media project

      Step four

      Put a little bit of hot glue on the top of the tree and attach the star.

      Add a little ribbon bow at the top by the star or the bottom by the trunk, or even on one of the corners.  

      Utilize pre-done designs and step by step tutorials by adding your own creative touch.

        We won’t send you junk and you can unsubscribe at anytime.

        ’Tis YOUR Season

        There are so many ways to make this project fit your tastes and holiday decor.

        You could paint the canvas, paint a background picture, paint the trees on, add multiple trees, or decorate with a bigger bow, glitter, or rhinestones.

        In our Club Chaos community, we love seeing what our crafty friends come up with, and we love sharing project tips and design ideas. 

        Download the free ‘Tis the Season svg

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        Christmas Mixed Media craft

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