Simple Wood Slice Craft Ornament for Christmas

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This easy wood slice craft is a great way to decorate with Christmas trees or to make a quick gift for someone this holiday season. 

wood slice craft

I always like to find different ways to use up the supplies I have in my crafting stash. 

So when I bought a bag of wood slice ornaments, I knew I had to find more than one way to use them.

The bag comes with 15 or 20 wood slices. If you want to do all the same projects for all of them, that’s great.

Maybe you’re making gifts or maybe you have a themed Christmas tree. But I want to keep coming up with new ways to use the supplies I have. 

Y’all know me and that I like to wing it. I haven’t actually made this wood slice craft before. But I was pretty sure it would work and I love the rustic charm of the finished ornament.

We have done so many wood slice crafts.

First, we put the birth story on a wood slice to make a beautiful ornament.

Using a stencil, we made a snowflake with paint and glitter.

We also made the most adorable countdown to Christmas ornament with chalkboard paint. 

Today we’re making this adorable tree for our wood slice craft. I am using card stock for mine because I didn’t have enough shades of green vinyl to use. 

Be sure to catch the replay of the live tutorial here:

Supplies for our wood slice craft Christmas tree

  • Wood slice
  • Mod podge (if using paper – you could use vinyl for the tree and then you won’t need mod podge)
  • Foam brush, if using mod podge and card stock
  • Several different shades of green card stock and coordinating patterns or metallics, and a piece of brown
  • Twine and/or ribbon
  • Hot glue gun and glue
wood slice craft supplies

Step one

Thread a piece of ribbon through the hole at the top of the ornament.

Tie a little bow or just tie the ends into a pretty knot.

With this wood slice craft, it’s easier to add the ribbon, or twine if you’re using that before we get started with the tree.

Step two

Cut strips out from the card stock in different thicknesses.

This would be a great way to let your little ones help if they’re working on their cutting skills. Make sure the strips are different lengths.

They’ll get more narrow toward the top of the tree, but you still don’t want the lengths to be uniform. 

Gather your friends and craft a forest of pretty trees

This would be a great project to do with a group of people.

Just pile a whole bunch of card stock scraps in a bin and let everyone choose their own. It would be a great way to use up card stock scraps.

Your friends could even bring their scraps to add to the group stash.

These would be a great addition to a holiday market fundraiser at your school or church too. 

Step three

Once you have all the strips cut out, cut a rectangle piece out of the brown.

The bottom of the tree will cover up the top of the trunk so you want it a little bigger than you’ll see.

If you have some wood patterned card stock, it would be really cute to use that for the trunk. A pretty brown pattern would also be super cute. 

Step four

Line up your strips for making your tree.

You might need to trim some if you think they won’t make a tree shape.

I’m more a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants and let’s see what happens kind of crafter myself.

If you’re more of a planner crafter, you can measure your strips. 

Use a foam brush to spread mod podge over the ornament and begin laying the strips across.

I don’t want a pattern and I want them to look a little more sporadic.

Trim a little off the sides of the strips as you go if they’re too long.

You can layer the strips a little too. 

Keep making the strips shorter and shorter as you move to the top.

wood slice craft

Let’s trim the tree

You could add a star at the top, or use some jewels to decorate your tree. 

We definitely need some kind of topper. Cut a short piece of twine and tie a bow. Use hot-glue to attach the twine bow to the top of the tree, and your wood slice craft is complete!

You could paint the back of the ornament and put a family name or the date and year. Or you could paint the whole ornament before putting the tree on.

Maybe add some glitter or a vinyl initial or name once your tree is done.

A second tree on the back would also be adorable.

Make it match or use totally different paper to make a completely different look. 

In a few simple steps, we turned this simple wood slice into a colorful Christmas tree.

We just cut some strips of card stock in coordinating colors and used mod podge to attach them to the wood slice.

A sweet and simple twine bow and a pretty ribbon hanger completed our wood slice craft. 

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