Mission Statement and Community Rules

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The Chaos Mission Statement
Here at My Designs in the Chaos it is my number one goal to develop, encourage, and grow your crafting talents and confidence.  I firmly believe there is no wrong way to craft.  This is a community for crafters to come get genuine advice from other crafters with tons of great SVG files along the way. 

While our main focus is loving and serving our Club Chaos Family, (learn more about that community here) our free Facebook group is an integral part of the chaos experience.  Our communities are built on a foundation of kindness. While I firmly believe there are a million different ways to accomplish a craft and I love that we can share and collaborate with those ideas, processes, and suggestions, those interactions should always be done in kindness. We won’t tolerate any less.

I know that we will not always agree (hello glitter vs no glitter) also tone is crazy hard to interpret online.  So as you are posting your comments and replies use these two things as a guide:
Can I say this in a friendlier way (if yes then re-word)
Would I say this to this person if I were seeing them face to face? (if not then don’t post it online either)

Myself and the other admins will continue to do our best to keep the group a place of positivity and light but we can’t do it alone. We need your help. The heart of the chaos community.
See a rude comment? Don’t respond…. just click report and we will take care of it. There are three little dots next to the post that you can click and the report option will pop us to let us know if there is an issue.  Super simple and remember you always also have the option to keep scrolling.

Our communities include members who have Cricuts, Silhouettes, Brother Scan and Cuts, one of each, and everything in between.  I also love that we have all levels of crafters.  The skill levels range from those that are deciding which machine to get and making their first cut all the way to those who are running full time businesses with their machines.  Let’s remember that no matter what stage we are at, we all started at square one. 

Community Rules:

Be Kind and Courteous

This is a welcoming crafting community. Tone on a computer is hard to interpret so when in doubt be a little kinder and a little nicer. Differing opinions should be expressed respectfully.  This is a safe spot for you to be able to discuss and ask your crafting questions.

No Promotions or Spam
Share your creations, your ideas, and inspire others to create but please don’t spam us!  Self-promotion, affiliate links, outside group links, spam and irrelevant links aren’t allowed. (this also includes telling people to join your group, or to PM you for more)  Spam is gross… don’t do it!  We also ask that you do not do lives in the group without prior permission.  

No Tracing- No Copying- No File Sharing Allowed
We do NOT allow file sharing, tracing, or copying of other designers work between members. This is theft.  We also do not support sharing of copyrighted images. File sharing will result in an immediate removal from the group.  Feel free to post the direct link to the design or file. Let’s give the original designers credit for their work.

No Font Identification
We aren’t a font identifying group. There are several amazing ones on FB like ‘What Font is This?’ and we recommend you use those groups to help you out.  We have a post here as well to also assist you in identifying fonts. 

Due to the size of the community WE REMOVE FIRST-TIME OFFENDERS… So if you goof, feel free to re-read the rules, get back in, and don’t do it again.

Let’s stay on topic, be kind, and have fun creating beautiful things with our cutting machines.

Please Note: We occasionally screenshot comments or images in the group and use them for promotional purposes or for material on our FB page. This is not a “secret” group.

Thanks so much for being here and I can’t wait to craft with you!  Chat Soon!

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  1. Joy Buchanan on February 21, 2021 at 9:29 am

    Morning!! I’ve downloaded a svg this morning after the purchasing, but I am not able to ungroup the svg to make any changes whatsoever – “you call him coach I call him daddy”. I’m trying to do the ball in yellow for a softball as well as changing the coach from blue to black. This is for personal use for my grandson. Any helpful suggestions please?

    • MyDesigns on February 21, 2021 at 12:18 pm

      It sounds like you might have uploaded the PNG file instead of the SVG file. The SVG is the one that looks like an internet file. With that one you should be able to ungroup. Hope that helps!

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