The Best Amazon Prime Cutting Machine Supplies for Crafters

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Cutting Machine Supplies and Tools on Prime!

Amazon Prime Day is here which means it is the perfect time to find amazing deals on all your favorite cutting machine supplies and tools! 

 This year I wanted to put together a list of my favorite cutting machine supplies and items that you might want to consider grabbing while they are on a discount for Prime Day.  The cool part is that Prime Day is now a 2 day event.


Prime Day is July 12-13, included with your Prime Membership

Quick reminder though… NEVER feel pressured to buy.  If it is something you are already looking for then Prime Day is an amazing time to stock up.  But don’t get stuck in a situation where you feel like you have to purchase to keep up or to make cute stuff.  You can create amazing projects with the items already in your space.  

To start with let me explain a little about what Prime Day is… Every July Amazon Prime has a HUGE sale.  Think like Black Friday but without the lines and crowds.  It is exclusively for Amazon Prime members and the deals you can find are incredible.  I want to share some of my favorite things to be on the look out for this Prime Day.

Not a Prime member yet but want to try it out? Click this image below to sign up today.



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Now let’s go grab some deals!

Want to browse the deals a little bit on your own?  Shop Amazon Now!

Now there are lots of different categories of cutting machine supplies that you can shop for. 

I have tried to group the items in the post for ease of use.


The first thing is of course the actual cutting machine.  If you are wanting to upgrade or get a second one this is the time to do it! 

You can find some great sales and if you have outgrown your current model or want to try another brand this is a great way to do it.  You can grab some nice bundles of supplies too if you are just starting out.

You also need a machine that is going to provide a source of heat so you can use HTV.  (curious about what HTV is check out this post here for more details)  So while you don’t need all of these you will need at least one. 

I find the easy press is great if you are going to be traveling (think craft fairs etc) and the heat press in nice if you have a permanent ‘home’ you can put it.  They are heavy so you won’t want to have to carry it out every time you need to use it.





The next items to be on the look out for are the items that I think are essential when owning a cutting machine.  You can read more about the essentials here but check out my list of favorites below.


We linked to our favorite Amazon transfer tape but check out all the details about various types of transfer tape here.


Designing Files

So one thing that I struggle with the most is storage of all my files.  I actually ran out of space on my surface pro and had to get an external drive to store everything on.  Using a touch pad mouse was super frustrating so I ended up grabbing a basic mouse.

I’m also pondering getting an ipad pro with the apple pencil.  It is on a great deal right now and it would be a fun way to expand my designing capabilities. I linked the ones I’m considering below.




Also you can always follow along with our Amazon favorites by following our Amazon shop here.  We like to add fun things that we find to the shop and keep it as a great resource for you and your crafting supplies.

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