Best Teacher Gifts Ever

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You want to give your new teacher the best teacher gifts you can.  We all want to show our child’s teacher some love but sometimes aren’t quite sure what she needs/wants…. Well being a former teacher and coming from a family of teachers here are some treats that teachers will LOVE you for!!  They are absolutely the best teacher gifts you can give.


Most of the time teachers buy and stock their classroom with supplies from their own pocket. They would love to have the colorful dry erase markers (not just basic red, blue, black) and an endless supply of hand sanitizer but the reality is sometimes it just doesn’t make the budget. Slap on a cute vinyl decal with an inspirational saying (I might know a gal who has some cute ones!), the teacher’s monogram or initial, or even school colors! Cute and Functional… BONUS!! You could even take this a step further and create a supply ‘cake’ if you will. (tutorial coming soon)  They will appreciate that you thought about them and helped to reduce their out of pocket expense for doing a job that they love!

Gift Cards

Now hear me out on this one…. I know that at first gift card might sound a little like a slacker gift but trust me, teachers LOVE these things! Get ones to places that you know she goes to… think Starbucks, Target, Specs (they are human too) or even to the nail salon and then load her up! What is also so great about gift cards now days is that there are a gazillion different ways you can present it. Here are some ideas:

Starbucks card: Give a coffee cup with the saying Mrs. Smith’s Coffee

This design looks really cute with a Specs giftcard!

Target card: give her a cute personalized reusable shopping bag

I’ve even seen gift card trees! This would be adorable to use as the frame, attach those babies with some cute string and viola! Cute Gift Accomplished!

Be creative and put that Silhouette or Cricut to good use on a present your teacher will love AND use!!

Shop new arrivals from Cricut!

A Heartfelt Note

Most teachers are in the profession because they love kids. They love teaching and making a difference in our future.  They also don’t hear that they are doing a great job nearly enough, especially not from the ones who they are doing it for. One of the best gifts teachers can get is heartfelt note from their student. Grab some cute stationary and let your child go to town drawing a picture, writing a thank you, or making a beautiful piece of art for the teacher they love. These special sentiments will be the items that the teacher will hang on to long after the candy is eaten, the gift card is spent, and the supplies are used up. It is their ‘why’ and helps to keep them going.


So there you have it. 3 great categories of the best teacher gifts and things to get and I promise, your child’s teacher will love them, use them and cherish them and hope that next year’s class gives the same thing!!


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