How To Stand Out in an Over-Saturated Market

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It is easy to get wrapped up in the current trends and what everyone else is doing, selling, and creating that sometimes we forget about our own unique style, ideas, and talents.  We forget our own voice and how to stand out in an Over-Saturated Market.

Social Media gets us swimming with ideas and can even make us feel like we have nothing special to offer.  This isn’t true.  It isn’t even close to the truth.  We have each been given a unique outlook, voice, and take on life that should be shared with the world.

We see something someone else does that provides success for them (FB likes, Sales, New Customers, etc.) and we want to jump on board that train because we want success too. The problem is that specific train already has a conductor. When we jump on board we will always be a passenger riding wherever someone else’s engine takes us.

Think about that conductor/trendsetter for a moment…. did they worry about anyone else not having done it before? No, they were willing to blaze a trail and follow their unique talents and gifts. There is enough success and ideas to go around! I promise!!

Now What?

I want to encourage you today to reflect for a moment on YOU! What makes you and your business special, unique, and valuable to your customers? What sets you apart from every other person who is doing what you do? (is it the vinyl you use, the shirts, the hand written notes, the packaging, the unique product ideas, the style, etc.)

Anyone can read directions and follow a how-to, copy a trend or idea from a FB group, or replicate someone else’s work…. it is when you start to put your own flair, style, love, and passion into your work that things will really blossom and your customers will notice. They (along with others) will then start boarding your train.

So go out there and be your own conductor! Drive your own train! If you stay a passenger, you will always be behind the curve.

Don’t be afraid of being different. Be afraid of being the same as everyone else.

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