The Absolute BEST Way to Remove Transfer Tape

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How To Remove Transfer Tape

When working with adhesive vinyl or Oramask, transfer tape is a necessity.  It helps you move the vinyl from one medium to another while keeping everything in the exact same spot. The MOST frustrating thing is when you go to remove your transfer tape and it also peels up your vinyl project. 

Today I want to make your life easier so…. Here is the absolute BEST way to remove your transfer tape to prevent your project’s frustration and peeling.

Cameo 3 Bundles by Expressions Vinyl

When you go to remove the tape, make sure to pull parallel to the surface of your project and NOT straight up.  

Now I know some of you are visual (I am too!), so here are a couple of pictures to explain exactly what I mean.


AND THIS: Keep the tape flat as you peel.

DO NOT Pull it directly up towards the sky.  This technique increases your chances of peeling and vinyl movement and can mess up the placement of your entire project.  🙁

So there ya have it!  A simple little tip that will hopefully make your transfer tape experience a million times easier and your days of frustration peeling over for good!

Check out more details on all the various types of transfer tape here, plus my favorite supplies to start with here and ’till next time….

Happy Crafting, Cutting, and Chaos!

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