Applique Getaway Reflection

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This past weekend we had the chance to not only attend Applique Getaway but also teach a few classes and have a booth showing off our adorable custom made frames and digital designs.  We got the chance to hang out with some of the most inspirational women in the embroidery and crafting industry, as well as share our own knowledge of things we have learned along the way.

It was such a whirlwind weekend and now that I have finally had the chance to sit down and reflect, I would love to share my insights with y’all.


  1.  You Do You.   What I mean with this is no matter what industry you are in there will always be other people who do the same thing.  What is important is that you stay true to yourself, what you love, and what you are great at.  That will shine through and make you stand out.  There was over 45 vendors at the event and each one had their own unique touch and style.
  2. Kindness Matters.  It is ok to be friends… actually I take that back, I encourage you to get to know and build relationships with others in your same niche.  Do you make custom Yeti tumblers… find others who do the same.  Maybe you are all about creating shirts…. seek out a group who also creates shirts.  You don’t have to go and spill all your secrets, but you do need someone in the trenches with you who you trust and can be your business buddy.  They will get what you are going through like no-one else can.  Celebrate, advise, encourage, and be a friend along your journey.  Life is too short to do it alone.  It was so fun this past weekend to see business owners in the exact same industry, from all over the country bond, collaborate, and lift each other up.
  3. Creativity Has No Bounds.   Just when you think everything has been done, new things are released.  I love knowing that the possibilities are endless.  There is no wrong way to be creative.  As long as you are trying, innovating, and following your own voice, the is no limit to what you can do.
  4. Sharing is Caring.  This weekend was full of classes taught by leaders in the industry.  They shared their knowledge, experience, tips, and tricks.  They were willing to teach, develop, encourage, and grow those who were willing to learn and listen.  It didn’t take away from their own business one single bit to lift others up.  I absolutely love that there is a community of crafters like that.
  5. Have Fun.  This by far is one of the most important.  No matter where you are or what you are doing make sure that you are having fun.  Sure there will be tough situations, hard decisions, and things won’t always be perfect, but the bottom line is at the end of the day do you love what you do.  If not… look into doing something else.  🙂


While we are always still growing, learning, and adapting, we had the chance to teach and share what we have learned so far with two different classes.  In those we shared a few tips for social media (specifically FB engagement) and then went through a beginners guide to owning a Silhouette machine.  We have attached both of the presentations below for y’all.

AG Social Media Boss

AG Take it out of the box

It was an amazing weekend and we can’t wait to go back!  Did you get a chance to attend?

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