Pirate Sign Tutorial

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Today I want to show you step by step how I made a Pirate Sign that would be great for a Halloween set-up.  I learned a ton doing a larger painted sign and want to pass along a few pointers and tips. I also included the free Halloween Pirate SVG for you as well.

This pirate sign DIY fits in perfectly with the scene I have set up at the front window of my house.  All the items in the scene are straight from Oriental Trading company and I’m in LOVE!  

DIY Pirate Flag

Please Note this post contains affiliate links to items that I love!

Project Supplies:


Blank Banner

Fabric Paint

SVG File

Transfer Tape

Paint Brush


  1.  First you will want to cut the design out on stencil material.
  2. Next weed out the design.  This just means all the spots where you want paint, peel those up.  Check out more of our favorite weeding tips here.
  3. Now apply the transfer tape to the design.  There are so many transfer tape options out there.  We go over Transfer Tape 101 and about all our favorites here.
  4. Next, peel the back off the stencil and apply it to the flag/banner
  5. Remove the transfer tape very carefully.  There actually is a technique to removing transfer tape.  Check out our fool proof method here.
  6. Using a fabric paint and a sponge gently dab the paint on the stencil.  You don’t want too much.  Less is more otherwise it will bleed through to the other side and make a mess when peeling the stencil up.
  7. Peel up the stencil and add in some additional paint marks to make it look a little more rugged.  I feel like that really helps to finish off the pirate look.

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If you are more visual this video tutorial will probably help:


Take a closer look at the Mermaid Pirate Scene below.  I think by far my favorite thing about our window decor this year (aside from my cute sign of course) is that mermaid and monkey skeleton!

I have also compiled a list for you of items that are included in the scene.  They are perfect for the pirate theme and I can already see them being super adaptable to future projects.  Plus they are so festive I couldn’t resist!

Scene Supplies:

Mermaid Skeleton


Black Witch Bowl

Monkey Skeleton

Pirate Flag







 Trick Or Treasure

Please note that this is in a zip file so if you are downloading it on a phone you will need to make sure you are in Safari and that you have an app to unzip the folder.


Lessons Learned:

  • Do Not use a design that has intricate lettering.
  • Iron the banner before applying the stencil to ensure there are no folds.
  • Use a larger sponge to make the painting part go faster.

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