How to Survive and Thrive in the Summer Selling Slump

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If you have been selling your products for a while then you know the trend of the summer selling slump and if this is your first year then welcome… the summer is slow! But that doesn’t mean that you can’t survive the summer selling slump and even thrive.  People are busy going on vacations, relaxing by the pool and wrangling their children to a million different activities just to keep them entertained. Buying adorable gifts is not usually on their radar (unless you are a wedding shop and then this is YOUR TIME TO SHINE!!).

A Few Pointers

Here are a few things that you can be doing and working on to make sure you survive the summer selling slump:


  1.  Update your Photos. Photos sell items. People want to be able to imagine themselves in the picturesque scene that you display. If you don’t have people modeling your goods then now is a perfect time to grab a friend and their kids (make sure you have permission first!) and head to the park for some cute action shots. Normally the best weather is slightly overcast (so everyone isn’t squinting) and not blazing hot. Check out some more great photo tips here.
  2. Plan for the next Big Event. Hint hint that is usually Back to School and Football Season! People are already planning their favorite team attire and children’s first day outfits. They also will usually want to get their child’s teacher a welcome back to the classroom treat. Be prepared and ready because School Sells!
  3. Perfect Your Craft. Is there something that you want to offer that you get to busy for or maybe there is an area that you can become more efficient at? Use this lull as a way to take some time and really reflect on your skill and practice new techniques. You will start the next season rush, prepared and perfected making your product that much more valuable.
  4. Host a Christmas in July Sale. (or pick a summer month) Everyone loves a great sale and when you throw in the Big Jolly Fat Man people seem to go nuts! They want Christmas PJ’s, Elf Clothing, Decorations and adorable outfits. Tis the season for pictures, memories and buying all the things. Breathe a little bit of that holiday spirit into your business at your own pace during the summer rather than just waiting for the last minute Lacey’s in December to run the show!  Need some holiday inspiration?  Check out these files here.

Christmas in July

Pick a few or all of these things to work on, and before you know it the lull will be gone and you will have forgotten what it ever felt like to be slow! Good luck and make sure to join us over in our FB group to share what you are working on during the summer slump of sales.


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