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How to make a plastic hanger snowflake step by step
Gold Plastic Hanger Snowflake

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I love decorating for the holidays!  I also love not having to spend a ton of money.  These plastic hanger snowflakes are the best way to kill two birds with one stone.  This DIY makes great yard decor and is friendly on the budget.  You are going to be surprised at how easy they really are!  Let’s dive right in to what you need to make these simple snowflakes come to life.



16 plastic hangers
White Zip Ties
Hot Glue Gun
Gold Star

I got all my supplies (except for the zip ties) from Dollar Tree.  The entire project to make the hanger snowflake only cost about $5 bucks and they are going to make a huge impact when I hang them in my yard.  I plan on placing a small nail in the tree and then using that as the hook to hang each of them on. 

Let’s Put It Together:

Lay out the first batch of 8 hangers in the shape pictured below.  Each pair of hangers will be laying flat on the group and facing away from each other.  Can’t you already see the snowflake shape starting to take place?
First Layer of Plastic Hanger Snowflake

The hangers will be in ‘pairs’ to create the first layer of the plastic snowflake.  Make sure that each of the hooks of the hangers are facing the same direction (either inward or outward).  Both ways look great as look as ALL the plastic hangers are going the same way.  The snowflake starts to look a little funky if the hooks of the hangers are all facing a different direction.

From there you will place a second set in the exact same way (don’t forget to turn the hooks all the same direction again) but this time angle them in between the ones already placed down.  Angling the plastic hangers is what creates the points of the snowflake.

Plastic Hanger Snowflake


From here it is time to bring out the zip ties in full force.  Do not skimp with these.  The more that you use the more stability your snowflake will have.  While the plastic hanger snowflake will never feel totally solid if you are generous with the zip ties it should be stable enough to hang outside on a tree, a fence, or even a gate.  Place them on the inside, outside, hooks, and everywhere in between.


Zip Tie Plastic Hanger Snowflake

Secure the Hangers

Once the zip ties are securing the two layers of the hanger snowflake together go ahead and trim off the extra pieces of the ties.  They will now begin to blend in with the snowflake. (Which is why I suggest going with the white or clear ties if you are using white hangers like I did) 

Add Some Bling

Now what is a snowflake without some pretty sparkle?  So at this point there are a couple different routes you can take to snazzy up your snowflake.  Here are a couple ideas that I came up with:

  • Spray paint the whole thing a beautiful gold or silver
  • Mod Podge and sprinkle glitter
  • Hot Glue shimmer garland around the edges and in the middle
  • Wrap lights around the snowflake (battery operated like these or plug in outdoor lights would also work great)
  • Hot glue sparkly snowflakes or other bling on the outside corners

I ended up deciding (and y’all helped on my FB live) to add a gold star in the middle and to place gold flowers on each of the outside edges.  The gold star in the middle was secured much tighter and easier with zip ties.  The hot glue used in the FB live just didn’t want to stay with the glitter on the star.  This helped the plastic hanger snowflake to become much more stable too.

Tips and Tricks:

Be very generous in attaching the zip ties.  The more you are able to connect the two layers of hangers and the tighter you make the ties the more stable your hanger snowflake will be.  Attach them to the inner parts and the outer parts to make the snowflake one large unit.
Use baby hangers and make a smaller version of these snowflakes.
Snag some colored hangers (grey or even light blue) to really help them stand out in your holiday decorations.
Add some poinsettia flowers to the inner and outer edges of the hanger snowflake to soften up the plastic look.

Watch Me Make One LIVE

More of a visual person or maybe you want to see real time how long this project actually takes?  Watch the FB live on how I assembled everything for the plastic hanger snowflakes here.  And spoiler alert… the longest part of the entire process was adding the zip ties and finding my scissor.  Typical.  I know you can relate to never being able to find your scissors when you need them.  😉 

I have also seen some really cool other shapes that people have made with plastic hangers as well… angels, crosses, and even trees!  It is almost like a puzzle on how can you place the plastic hangers together to make something beautiful.  That’s probably why I love this project so much because I am a huge puzzle person.  While we were at home during quarantine I did a puzzle almost every day!  They help keep my brain active and and I find them relaxing at the same time.  (Kind of like crafting!)

If you make a plastic hanger snowflake (or even any of the other cool shapes) I would love to see it!  Feel free to show it off in our FB group here.  It is always so fun seeing unique ideas like this actually come to life.  The part that is by far the most fun though is seeing how you are able to put your own creative touch on the project.

‘Til next time, happy crafting and chaos.

See you soon and please take a moment to pin this image before you leave!  I appreciate it!

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  1. Debbie Johnson on January 8, 2021 at 11:35 am

    I love the snowflake hangers I made one but the lights have short cord. How can I put lights on it where they have a longer cord can’t find any lights with longer cord thank you hope to hear soon

    • jespsantiago on January 8, 2021 at 12:02 pm

      You may be able to use an extension cord or a longer string of lights.

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