This ‘Tis the Season Shirt Will Get You Voted Most Festive at Your Annual Holiday Party!

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Make this cute ‘Tis the Season shirt and spread holiday cheer wherever you go! 

tis the season shirt

This ‘Tis the Season shirt is Day 4 of our week of using the same design to make a brand new project because it’s not always about more.

It’s about using what you have and having a community that inspires and encourages you. 

So far this week we have used adhesive vinyl, paper, stencil vinyl, and glitter, and now we’re using heat transfer vinyl.

We made a Christmas mixed media craft with canvas and a layered card with a cool 3-D look.

Then we did a ‘Tis the Season wood sign. And today we’re making a shirt! This is something we try to do in Club Chaos every single month.

We use the supplies and digital files we have, and we encourage and inspire and encourage each other to keep the creative juices flowing. 

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Supplies we’ll use for our ‘Tis the Season shirt 

  • Heat Transfer Vinyl in gold of whatever color you want to use (if you’re new to using a cutting machine, we call this HTV)
  • Weeding tool
  • t-shirt
  • Heat press (at 315 degrees) or iron
  • pressing pillow (check out the blog on how to make your own pressing pillow on our website)
  • teflon sheet for the heat press

Step one 

First, cut the ’Tis the Season design with your machine.

Remember to put the shiny side down on the mat, and remember to mirror your image.

That way, when you flip it over to iron it onto the shirt, the words will read correctly.

Next, weed out all the parts of vinyl that you don’t want to see on the finished project.

weed tis the season shirt design

Tip: Why use a pressing pillow anyway? 

When you have an item that has a seam, or that just won’t fit flat on your heat-press, a pressing pillow makes it flat. It gives it a little bit of a cushion.

That makes your design flat with the plate of the press rather than having the crease or the edge getting in the way.

For example, if you have a kids’ shirt, the collar will get in the way of the plate.

Using the pressing pillow under the area where you want to press gives the collar somewhere to go, like hanging over the edge of the pillow.

If you’re pressing a lot of kids’ shirts, you’ll definitely want a pressing pillow. 

Step two 

Fold the shirt in half and make a little, gentle press on that line.

That will give you a guide as to where the middle is.

You can also fold it across at the armpits and make a crease there as well to make sure you find the middle.

Don’t worry if you’re using a dark shirt and it changes color a bit when you press it.

It’s only temporary. Fold your design in half too and make a little crease in the carrier sheet.

Now you know where the middle of the design is and where the middle of the shirt is too!  This the best way to center a design

fold tis the season shirt in half

Step three

Next, line up the middle of the design with the middle of the shirt where the pressed lines cross.

Your design will look just right even if the shirt itself is not even because you used the shirt to measure. 

More placement tips: 

I like to put the design one finger width down from the collar for a onesie.

Use two fingers from the top for toddlers’ and kids’ shirts.

With adults’ shirts, I like to use three fingers. For some shirts, you may want to use four fingers, depending on the size of the shirt. 

Step four

Finally, use a Teflon sheet on top of the design and shirt so that nothing burns, and press your ’Tis the Season design onto your ‘Tis the Season shirt.

My heat press needs 15 seconds.

If I were doing multiple layers, I would just do a few seconds per layer so that the vinyl doesn’t shrink. Peel off the carrier sheet.

Press it one more time, just for good measure to make sure it’s really on there good.

You can tell if the vinyl has adhered really well to the shirt if you can see the fibers of the shirt in the vinyl. 

It’s really easy to personalize a Christmas shirt like this for your kids, grandkids, friends, or even yourself!

A cute svg design with a shirt and HTV of your choice can help celebrate any season or occasion. 

If you love the tips and tricks, the community, hanging out with other crafters, and actually utilizing your designs and being inspired, our Club Chaos is where you need to be.

Keep an eye out for the next chance to join and join us in our social media groups. We’d love to craft with you! 

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